Faculty members in the University of Arizona Division of Nephrology are involved in a wide variety of clinical research projects that range from industry-sponsored clinical trials to U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) funded clinical research.

Kidney & Vascular Research Program

The UA Kidney and Vascular Research Program arises from a Division of Nephrology effort to integrate and boost all the nephrology and vascular access research at the University of Arizona, from basic to translational and clinical research.

Through a multidisciplinary approach and key academics and industrial partnerships we perform cutting-edge research studies to explore the pathobiology of kidney and vascular diseases, develop and evaluate new therapeutic tools, and facilitate the transition and application of those novel therapies to patient care by playing a principal role in the design and conduct of clinical trials.      

Our strength comes from putting together a multidisciplinary team of physician scientists and investigators drawn from multiple colleges, departments and disciplines, world-leading medical companies and revolutionary medical startups, that work in partnership to pursue advances in nephrology and vascular access knowledge and patient care, with the objective of improving the lives of those who really matter—patients.

Clinical Research

Currently active clinical trials (in various stages from contracting to active recruitment to follow-up) include:

Industry-Sponsored Studies
  • Paclitaxel Drug Eluting Balloon Study for AVF (Lutonix)
  • COL-R, Sirolimus Eluting Wrap Study (Vascular Therapies)
  • Neutrolin Catheter Lock Study (Cormedix)
  • HIF Inhibitor Study (Akebia)
  • Atresantan SONAR Study (Abbvie)
  • FIDELIO Study (Bayer) 
  • FIGARO Study (Bayer) 
  • Bioengineered AV Graft Study (Humacyte)
  • Arteriovenous Fistula (AVF) Elastatse Study (Proteon)
  • ZS-9 Potassium Binding Study (Zs Pharma)
  • Rituximab/Cyclosporine Study (Mayo Clinic)
  • T Spot Assays (Chiltern)
Federally Funded Studies

Reimbursement for Travel and Subsistence Expenses for Living Organ Donation (HRSA)

Translational Research

Faculty members are involved in a variety of translational research projects in the areas of chronic kidney disease, renal genomics, vascular access dysfunction and device development. These projects are funded through the NIH, Veterans Affairs and Foundations.

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Current Clinical Trials

Clinical trials often involve a research study conducted to evaluate a medical procedure or medical product, such as a drug. Not all University of Arizona studies involve drugs or interventions. Some studies use surveys or evaluate medical records to find new and better ways to help people. Others recruit healthy subjects, or controls, to better evaluate and compare results with those of non-healthy subjects.

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How to Participate

Whether you’re a potential candidate to participate as a patient or subject in the study, you would like to participate as a "healthy volunteer" for the control group or you’re a research or clinical professional interested in collaborating with the research team—simply contact the study coordinator listed for each individual clinical research study above.

To contact the Division of Nephrology directly, call (520) 626-6371.