Clerkships & Sub-Internships

A clerkship is required for medical students starting in their third-year. The University of Arizona Department of Medicine clerkship is among seven such options at the UA College of Medicine – Tucson. Our clerkship consists of a 12-week block broken into two 4-week blocks in inpatient medicine and one 4-week block in ambulatory medicine.

Sub-Internships are for fourth-year medical students. In the Department of Medicine, these are 4-week blocks. They and other internal medicine-specific electives for third- and fourth-year medical students can be found in the course catalog with the prefix: “MEDI.”

A unique offering at the UA College of Medicine – Tucson is a non-clinical fourth-year elective begun in March 2013, “Careers in Academic Medicine,” which exposes students to current academicians to facilitate a better understanding of the various academic paths and their day-to-day duties and organizational cultures.

For information specific to UA Department of Medicine clerkship opportunities, please refer to the following Medicine Clerkship Manual:  2017-18 Medicine Clerkship Manual – UA Department of Medicine.

Additional information can be found in the UA College of Medicine General Clerkship Instructor Manual for 2018-19  here [PDF] (or by clicking on the image at right).

To learn more about Clerkship and Sub-Internship (Sub-I or SI) opportunities in the Department of Medicine for third- and fourth-years, please contact Lucy Contreras at (520) 626-1574 or  


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