"Using pre-clinical rodent sleep studies to improve metabolism and post-surgical outcomes"

Tue, 10/11/2016 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

SPEAKER: Jeniffer A. Teske, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona Department of Nutritional Science; Research Scientist, Minneapolis VA Health Care System; and Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota Department of Food Science and Nutrition

ABSTRACT: Noise is ever present in both hospital and non-hospital environments and contributes to pervasive poor sleep in society and hospitalized individuals. While it’s clear that inadequate sleep worsens overall health and increases mortality, the extent to which improving sleep will advance health outcomes and the optimal therapies to do so are unknown. Moreover, it is unclear how much improving sleep while hospitalized will promote recovery or functional outcomes. Pre-clinical models are ideal to evaluate therapies to rescue metabolic, motor, and cognitive deficits due to lack of sleep. We first developed and validated a rodent model for noise-induced sleep disruption. Then the model was used to evaluate metabolic, behavioral and energetic deficits due to sleep loss associated with noise exposure. Finally, we identified the extent to which wound healing, motor behavior and cognition were disrupted in response to noise-induced sleep loss during the post-surgical recovery period. The results will be discussed in the context of planning sleep improvement interventions within populations where traditional sleep therapies would be contraindicated.

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