Lu Martinez, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Medicine

Member, AAMC Group on Educational AffairsMember, AERA American Educational Research AssociationMember, TEA Tucson Education Association

  • PhD: University of Arizona, Higher Education
  • MA: University of Arizona, Higher Education
  • BA: University of Arizona, Political Science and Secondary Education
Honors and Awards
  • University of Arizona Staff Advisory Council, Certificate of Appreciation for Supervisors (May 2013)
  • University of Arizona College of Education, Dean’s Erasmus Circle of Scholars Award (October 2009)
Board Certifications
  • Arizona Department of Education, Standard Teaching Certification

Select Publications


Martinez, G., and K. Knox, "Mentor Match for physician-faculty: the search for 'Dr Right'.", Med Educ, vol. 49, issue 5, pp. 533-4, 2015 May. PMID: 25924153
Spear-Ellinwood, KC., TG. Pritchard, and GF. Martinez, "Establishing Expectations for Teaching: Interns' Perspectives on Good Teaching, Whether They Think They Have What it Takes or Feel Prepared", American Association of Medical Colleges, Western Region Group on Educational Affairs (AAMC-WGEA), San Diego, Calif., 04/2015.
Carr, TF., and GF. Martinez, "Credibility and (dis)use of feedback to inform teaching : a qualitative case study of physician-faculty perspectives", Southwest J Pulm Crit Care, vol. 10, issue 6, 06/2015.


Martinez, GF., JR. Lisse, M. Fain, TK. Vemulapalli, H. Szerlip, and KS. Knox, "Finding a Mentor: The Complete Examination of an Online Academic Matchmaking Tool for Physician-Faculty", Southwest J Pulm Crit Care, vol. 9, issue 6, 12/2014.
Ketterer, B., C. Self, GF. Martinez, J. Gabbard, and E. Lee, "Advanced Directive Use in Internal Medicine Residency Clinics: A Retrospective Review", Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Geriatrics Society, Orlando, Fla., May 2014.