Shannon L. Smith, MBA

  • Program Director, Special Projects and Petersen Clinic

Shannon Smith brings a variety of educational and professionally-based healthcare related experiences to the Petersen HIV Clinics. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in Medical Anthropology and Microbiology, and has recently achieved her MBA from The University of Arizona Eller College of Management. She has held positions ranging from Midwife Assistant in central Ohio to Clinic Administrator at a small facility in Costa Rica. Ms. Smith has focused her efforts towards supporting HIV care and services in Southern Arizona since 2006 through management of HIV programs both in Tucson and along the U.S./Mexico border and has provided the Petersen HIV Clinics team with contract management, grant writing, fiscal oversight, and program development since 2010.

Research Interests: 

Scholarly Activity:

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  • MBA: University of Arizona Eller College of Management, December 2017