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The Office of the Vice Chair for Education oversees educational functions for the University of Arizona Department of Medicine, including the clerkships and sub-internships for third- and fourth-year medical students and post-graduate training for Medicine and Dermatology residents and fellows. For program leadership, click here.

     Office of the Vice Chair for Education
     University of Arizona Department of Medicine
     PO Box 245040-A
     1501 N. Campbell Ave.
     Tucson, AZ 85724-5040A
     Phone: (520) 626-0773
     Fax: (520) 626-5721

For questions, please contact Breanna L. Sherrow-Serrano, PhD, director, Faculty Development and Teaching Excellence, Department of Medicine, or (520) 626-0773. 

Education & Training Programs

We offer three residency programs, two of which are ACGME-accredited (click here), and 17 ACGME-accredited fellowship programs (click here). For general program staff contact information, see below:

Internal Medicine Residency Program – Tucson Campus

General contact information:

     Internal Medicine Residency – Tucson Campus
     University of Arizona College of Medicine
     PO Box 245040
     1501 N. Campbell Ave
     Tucson, AZ  85724-5040
     Phone: (520) 626-2761
     Fax:  (520) 626-6020


Dermatology Residency Program

General contact information:

     Dermatology Residency Program
     Division of Dermatology
     University of Arizona Cancer Center
     PO Box 245024
     1515 N. Campbell Ave.
     Tucson, AZ 85724-5024
     Phone: (520) 626-6024
     Fax: (520) 626-6033


Clerkships & Sub-Internships – Medical Student Education

For information related to UArizona Department of Medicine – Tucson Clerkship and Sub-Internship opportunities, please contact Kristina Waters, MLS, (520) 626-1574 or 


  • Director, Internal Medicine Clerkship Program, Department of Medicine — Amy Sussman, MD 
  • Assistant Director, Internal Medicine Clerkship, Department of Medicine — Saman Nematollahi, MD
  • ​Coordinator, Internal Medicine Clerkship Coordinator, Department of Medicine — Kristina Water, MLS
  • Director, Ambulatory Medicine Clerkship (and Health & Societies Thread Director), Department of Medicine — Julia Jernberg, MD, MBA
  • Coordinator, Ambulatory Medicine Clerkship, Department of Medicine — TBA
  • Director, Sub-Internship Program, Department of Medicine — Ryan Wong, MD

Integrative Medicine

Additional fellowship, residency and training opportunities in integrative medicine are available through the University of Arizona Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. To learn more, click here or contact Student Affairs and Admissions at (520) 621-0179 or