Ecosystem Genomics Seminar Series

Thu, 09/27/2018 - 4:00pm

Speaker: Laura Meredith, PhD

Talk Title: Microbe-mediated trace gas fluxes: an ecosystems approach to link genes to atmospheric composition



The Ecosystem Genomics Initiative seeks to “Discover the emergent properties and processes of ecosystems through ‘top down’ analysis of communities, populations and organisms, and ‘bottom up’ analysis of genomes, transcriptomes and metabolomes.” 

The term ‘ecosystem genomics’ has been used in the past by both geneticists and ecosystem biologists as an aspiration for disciplinary integration; yet, the aim of placing genomes into a framework capable of predicting the rates and outcomes of ecosystem processes has remained elusive. The Ecosystem Genomics Initiative will provide a basis to investigate principles for integrating data and theory to synthesize a unified, genes-to-ecosystems framework for predicting ecosystem processes and managing them to sustainable ends.

Event Location: 

Medical Research Building (MRB) Room 102