Complex Diseases Spring Colloquium Spotlights Local, National, International Speakers

A Weekly Colloquium on Problems in the Biology of Complex Diseases will feature several speakers and topics of interest to University of Arizona Department of Medicine physicians and investigators.

The spring lecture series is hosted by the Arizona Center for the Biology of Complex Diseases (ABCD), which explores major biomedical challenges regarding diseases such as asthma, cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, neuro-degenerative and neuro-developmental diseases.

Dr. Donna VercelliThe UA College of Medicine – Tucson lectures are held in conjunction with the departments of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics, Immunobiology, and Pharmacology and Toxicology (in the UA College of Pharmacy).

The ABCD is led by Director Donata Vercelli, MD, who will be presenting on the topic of “Epigenetics in Complex Diseases” on Friday, Feb. 5, 9-11 a.m., in the BIO5 Institute, Room 103.

Other lectures are scheduled for the same date, time and location as follows (exceptions noted):

Fri., Feb. 12,
9-11 am
BIO5 103 Dr. Deb Meyers
Debbie Meyers, PhD 
(Wake Forest U.)
“Life after GWAS”
Fri., Feb. 19,
9-11 am
BIO5 103 Dr. Carole Ober
Carole Ober, PhD (U. Chicago)
“-Omics Integration in Complex Diseases”
Fri., Feb. 26,
9-10:30 am
BIO5 103 Dr. Jil Tardiff
Jill Tardiff, MD, PhD (UA)
“Impact of Variants on Heart Muscle Biophysics”
Fri., Mar. 4,
9-11 am
BIO5 103 Dr. Raina Maier
Raina Maier, PhD (UA)
“The Environmental Microbiome”
Fri., Mar. 11, 9-11 am BIO5 103 Dr. Erika von Mutius
Erika von Mutius, MD (Ludwig Maximilians Universität – Munich, Germany)
“Human Farming Studies and the Microbiome”
Fri., Mar. 25, 9-11 am BIO5 247  Dr. Susan Lynch
Susan Lynch, PhD

(UC San Francisco)
“The Microbiome in Complex Lung Diseases”
Fri., Apr. 1, 9-11 am BIO5 103 Dr. Tatal Chatila
Talal Chatila, MD, PhD (Harvard/Children’s)
“Commensals and Immune Regulation”
Fri., Apr. 8, 9-11 am BIO5 103 Dr. Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez, MD 
“Genes and Environment”
Fri., Apr. 15, 9-11 am BIO5 103 Dr. Casey Romanoski
Casey Romanoski, PhD (UA)
“Genomics of Gene Regulation”
Fri., Apr. 22, 9-11 am BIO5 103 Dr. Walt Klimecki
Walt Klimecki, DVM, PhD (UA)
“Lessons from Pharmacogenomics”
Fri., Apr. 29, 9-11 am BIO5 103 Dr. Darren Cusanovich
Darren Cusanovich, PhD (U. Wash.)
“Chromatin Accessibility in Development & Disease”

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