Extra Step Required to Push Your ‘Find-a-Provider’ Profile to Public View

ProviderMatch decision treeA few weeks ago, this site offered several documents to help physicians and their support staff in the University of Arizona Department of Medicine optimize the provider profiles available for them on the BannerHealth.com website—see link at bottom of this news item.

Some new information was shared regarding the Find-a-Provider project for Banner Health that governs how online profiles are listed for physician, mid-level and advanced practice providers—including nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs), etc.

ProviderMatch mobile viewThe Kyruus site used to edit provider profiles is different than what the community sees at BannerHealth.com when someone searches for a provider there. An extra step needs to be taken to make sure Kyruus updates are made publicly viewable. It is extremely important we follow the steps below to check on each of physicians and other care providers can be found on the public site.

As the go-live date has been pushed back, Todd Blake, senior administrator, Banner – University Medical Center Tucson and South, would like to report back to other Banner leadership that Tucson is ready. Senior program coordinators and administrative staff are asked to please make this a top priority.

When you have completed your review and can confirm the public site is good to go, please confirm with Irene Robles, Banner – University Medical Group admin support supervisor for the Department of Medicine, irene.robles@bannerhealth.com or (520) 626-7128.

Steps to making sure that the provider info is right:

1) Go to https://doctors.bannerhealth.com/  
2) Search for your doctor
3) If your doctor is NOT found
     a. Login to https://pma.kyruus.com/providers/?mine
     b. General Tab
          i. Click Edit button
          ii. Turn PMC = Yes and PMAC = Yes
     c. Location Tab
          i. Additional Info/Location Edit Box — add the below statement with the address corrected:
               1. Turn Print Directory ON for the address 1111 Main Street, STE 111, City, State
                   (This will be doctor’s primary address)
4) If your doctor is found:
     a. Review the information (Location, Specialty, Education, etc.)
     b. Submit changes via https://pma.kyruus.com/ if there are any changes

Currently, 26 percent of the 200 providers across the department’s 14 divisions still have to review their profiles—i.e., they have not yet looked at what is posted (or NOT posted) for them within Kyruus.

Thank you to the 74 percent of physicians and their support staffs who have completed this assignment.

Bear in mind, this is the publicly directed face that you are presenting to patients, their families and friends to the world. Make sure yours is seen in the best light possible.

Among other academic health organizations using this service are Baylor Scott and White Health, Beaumont, ColumbiaDoctors, Emory Healthcare, Keck Medicine of USC, Mount Sinai, Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, UAB Medicine, University of Maryland Medical System and the University of Miami Health System.

“Validation Phase Added to New BannerHealth.com ‘ProviderMatch’ Tool, Go-Live Now Late October” | Posted Sept. 19, 2017

Release Date: 
10/16/2017 - 12:30pm