University of Utah Pulmonary Chief Addresses Winter Lung Series Conference

Dr. Robert Paine presenting at the PACCS Winter Lung Series Conference on Feb. 16.

University of Utah pulmonary chief Robert Paine, MD, was the presenter Thursday, Feb. 16, at the Winter  Lung Series Conference held at noon in the UA College of Medicine – Tucson auditorium, Room 8403.

His topic was “Oxygen, Pulmonary Innate Immunity and Goldilocks—What Happens When Things Aren’t Right.”

Dr. Paine is professor of internal medicine and chief of the Division of Respiratory, Critical Care and Occupational Pulmonary Medicine at the University of Utah School of Medicine. He received his medical degree from Washington University in St. Louis and completed his residency training in internal medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital. He then completed a fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the Pulmonary Center at Boston University before joining the faculty at the University of Michigan Medical School. He came to the University of Utah in 2007.

Dr. Paine is an active clinician, educator and researcher. He has had major roles in medical education and has been involved in postgraduate medical education throughout his career. His research laboratory has addressed questions concerning the role of alveolar epithelial cells in lung injury and the innate immune response in the lung. He has carried out clinical research addressing key questions concerning defense of the lung in patients with the acute respiratory distress syndrome and mechanisms determining the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He has had federal funding for his research for over 25 years. He directs the University of Utah Multidisciplinary Training Grant in Pulmonary and Critical Care Research.

The impact of air quality on human health has been an important focus of Dr. Paine’s activities since he arrived in Salt Lake City. He is a member of the State Air Quality Board, playing an active role in educating physicians and state leaders about the important impact of air quality on health. He is the founding Director of the University of Utah Program for Air Quality, Health and Society, a multidisciplinary research program that brings together investigators from across the University to understand and address the consequences of air pollution for human health and welfare.

Next Up in WLSC Lineup
The next speaker in the Winter Lung Series Conferences is Serpil Erzurum, MD, a professor and chair of pathology at Case Western University School of Medicine and staff physician of the Respiratory Institute and clinical research director at the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Erzurum will talk on “Metabolism and Hypoxia in Pulmonary Vascular Disease,” at noon, Thursday, March 9, in the COM-T auditorium, Room 5403. A light lunch will be served similar to Medicine Grand Rounds. Click here to view, download and share the flyer.

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02/20/2017 - 5:15pm