DOM Faculty Enlisted for All of Us℠ Arizona Research Program Video Interviews

University of Arizona Department of Medicine Chair Monica Kraft, MD, is one of 14 UA Health Sciences faculty—four in the department—doing video interviews on precision medicine for a film clip being put together to promote the All of Us℠ Research Program in Arizona.

See below for a mini-photo gallery from Dr. Kraft’s interview.

“The video is going to place a local perspective to the All of Us℠ Research Program so that it emphasizes the importance of precision medicine and how the program will carry this approach in the future of medicine for Arizonans and beyond,” said Barry Edwards, the interviewer and communications manager, Arizona All of Us℠ Arizona Research Program.

Edwards said the video would be released in late spring. As of the start of October, 1,000 patients had been enrolled into the research program, providing family medical histories and biospecimens to be included in a nationwide genetic database seeking a million enrollees. By early January, local enrollees more than tripled and, as of Feb. 21, the number stood at 4,392—well on the way to a first-year All of Us℠ Arizona goal of 10,000 patient participants.

The goal is to make the database available to researchers working on translational investigations to develop personalized therapies for a broad range of clinical issues. The program, launched by the White House in 2016, was initially known as the Precision Medicine Initiative.

Others interviewed for the video, include (with DOM faculty in bold):

  • Chuck Cairns, MD, professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, dean, UA College of Medicine – Tucson, and co-principal investigator All of Us℠ Arizona;
  • Tammy Clark Ojo, MD, professor, Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine; director, Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program; and vice chair for clinical affairs, Department of Medicine;
  • Roberta Diaz Brinton, PhD, neuroscientist and director, UAHS Center for Innovation in Brain Science;
  • Mike Fallon, MD, professor, chair, Department of Medicine, and executive director for clinical research, UA College of Medicine – Phoenix;
  • Andrew Kraft, MD, professor, Division of Hematology & Oncology; senior associate dean, Translational Research, UA College of Medicine; director, UA Cancer Center; associate vice president, Oncology Programs, UA Health Sciences, and Sydney E. Salmon Endowed Chair, University of Arizona;
  • John Molina, MD, JD, LHD, UA grad, staff, All of Us℠ Arizona, corporate compliance officer, Native Health, and formerly CEO, Phoenix Indian Medical Center, and assistant director and medical director, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (American Indian Health Program);
  • Francisco Moreno, MD, professor, Department of Psychiatry, and associate vice president, UAHS Diversity & Inclusion;
  • Leigh Neumayer, MD, professor, chair, Department of Surgery, and interim senior vice president, UA Health Sciences;
  • Akinlolu Ojo, MD, MPH, PhD, professor, Division of Nephrology, associate vice president, Clinical Research and Global Health Initiatives, UA Health Sciences, and co-PI, All of Us℠ Arizona;
  • Valerie Schiabley, PhD, geneticist, and administrator, UAHS Center for Applied Genetics and Genomic Medicine;
  • Amanda Sokan, PhD, professor, gerontologist, UA Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health;
  • Andy Theodorou, MD, professor, pediatrician, Department of Pediatrics, regional medical officer, Banner – University Medicine Division, and co-PI, All of Us℠ Arizona;
  • Eric Reiman, MD, executive director, Banner Alzheimer’s Institute; director, Arizona Alzheimer's Consortium; CEO, Banner Research; clinical director, Neurogenomics Division, Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen).





The videographers were Neil Atchley and Kris Karlsson, of Commotion Studios, Tucson.


You can visit the Arizona All of Us? Research Program’s social media webpages at Twitter and Facebook via @allofusaz. In addition, a newsletter archive for the program can be found at this link.

To learn more, call toll-free 1-877-AOUAOU4 (263-2634) or sign up for program updates by visiting

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—David Mogollón

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