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U.S. News Best Hospitals Rankings badgeAre you a physician interested in weighing in on the annual U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals Survey?

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Doximity logoAll you need to do is log into or create a account to participate in the voting process. The deadline is 11:59 p.m., Nov. 15, 2018. Only those signed up and active on the site by this time will be eligible to receive an invitation for the upcoming survey via Doximity. Participation could enable you to help improve the Banner – University Medical Center Tucson or South hospital’s position on this important reputation-building survey. is the leading social network for physicians, featuring a profile of nearly every active physician in the country – more than a million. Active participation offers you easy access to relevant medical news and many other benefits, including opportunities to: Benefits of Doximity membership

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All faculty, residents and alumni are being asked to enroll on today!

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  1. Go to and enter your name on the homepage. If it doesn't appear, you'll need to create a profile.
  2. Activate, edit and update your profile information to ensure accuracy, including any relevant information for potential patients. This profile will be part of U.S. News' handy "Doctor Finder" tool online.
  3. Make sure you vote when you receive the invitation!

Bear in mind, Doximity is not the only way to have your opinions heard on the Best Hospitals Physician Survey. RTI International, which conducts the survey on behalf of U.S. News  also surveys a random sample of about 4,800 non-users—150 or 200 per specialty in each of the 16 adult and 10 pediatric specialties—by mail. Those results are coupled with all survey-eligible physicians (as defined by their board certifications) who use Doximity and are surveyed electronically. Doximity for desktop and mobile apps

Seventy percent of Doximity’s activity is completed on mobile devices and 85 percent of participating doctors use iPhones. Download the mobile apps today!

Questions? Visit this U.S. News blog on the 2019 Physician Survey for more detailed information. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact

EXTRA INFO: Key Dates for the 2019 Best Hospitals Physician Survey

US News Best Hospitals DashboardIn a Best Hospitals Dashboard message from U.S. News & World Report emailed on Oct. 2, the magazine set out key dates for the Physician Survey in 2019. On Nov. 15, eligible specialists will be separated into two groups. Both will be surveyed in early 2019.

The survey is an annual polling of medical specialists that assesses these experts' opinions on which hospitals are among the best at providing care for complex or challenging diagnoses. RTI International, which conducts the survey for U.S. News, receives and analyzes thousands of nominations each year to construct a specialty-specific reputation score for each hospital; the scores are combined with measures such as risk-adjusted survival to determine the Best Hospitals and Best Children's Hospitals rankings.

Key dates regarding the upcoming 2019 survey are as follows: Mark your calendar icon

Nov. 15, 2018: The two groups of physicians – users and non-users – will be defined based on their status as of 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time. Physicians who join Doximity after Nov. 15 will be treated as non-users.
January 2019: A random sample of non-users will be surveyed by mail.
Jan. 10, 2019: All hospital name change requests must be submitted through the Dashboard. Users with editor permissions can login to the dashboard, navigate to the “My Hospital” tab and click the “request hospital name change” link.
Late February/March 2019: Doximity users will be surveyed online via the Doximity-hosted survey instrument.

The latest U.S. News Second Opinion further details which physicians will be surveyed via the online professional network Doximity, how non-users of that network will be surveyed, and what hospitals should do now to make sure their institution’s name is correctly reflected in the online survey materials.

Second Opinion is the public square where U.S. News editors and invited contributors share views on publicly reporting the quality of hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, health insurance plans and other health care providers and services. It's also where U.S. News typically announces major changes to its own public reporting projects.

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