Moving Days Start May 9 for DOM Support Staff into New Space on 6/7OPC

Claudia Duran and Sharon Bolin tour the new office space on the renovated Suite 6401Relocation of support staff and some physicians moving to new office space will begin tomorrow, May 9, involving the University of Arizona Department of Medicine.

The moves are required due to displaced accommodations associated with construction of the new 9-story hospital tower for Banner – University Medical Center Tucson on the UA Health Sciences Campus, i.e., the loss of the Comstock Building on Warren Road, UA Center on Aging housing on Elm Street and modular structures along Ring Road.

Some moves began as early as April 18. All moves are scheduled to be complete by May 31.

Above right, DOM Chair's Office Executive Assistant Claudia Duran with Sharon Bolin, a Medical Education Office admin who got an early start on her move to new space in Suite 6401 on May 8.

Attached is a master calendar for all associated moves [PDF] related to renovated clinic space on Floors 4 through 8. These spaces became available after the move of clinics to the new 208,000-square-foot outpatient center at Banner – University Medicine North, Building 2, in December and January.

A few folks will move to available space leased by the UA at 655 N. Alvernon Way adjacent to the Alvernon Physician Offices of Banner – University Medical Group. A few more will move to space above BUMG clinics in the Abrams Public Health Center, 3950 S. Country Club Road—adjacent to Banner – UMC South.

The majority of DOM folks in those buildings to be displaced by the new hospital tower, though, will relocate to Suites 6401 and 7401 in Building 201 of the UA College of Medicine - Tucson—formerly adult health clinics known as 6OPC and 7OPC. May 9th moves involve folks goint into what used to be 6OPC (see layout of floorplan [PDF]). 7OPC moves are set for May 23rd (see layout of floorplan [PDF]). A photo gallery of the renovated office space for the new Suite 6401 is at the bottom of this article—scroll down to see more.

A schematic of the DOM Commons area on the 6th floorBoth have been renovated to suit individual office space needs. A DOM Commons area (see diagram at left) or photos below) is at the entry to Suite 6401. This serves as general office space for physicians between campuses who need quiet space for non-clinical work on laptops or to have a conversation. Those using the DOM Commons are asked to please be courteous regarding noise and cleanup of these areas.

Both suites also include conference rooms that can be booked for meetings—contact Claudia Duran to reserve either. These replace Conference Room 6302, which will be reserved for fellowship and education use at some point in the near future.

To access Suites 6401 or 7401 after hours (6 p.m.-7 a.m., weekends and during holiday closures), you’ll need an updated CatCard and a 4-digit PIN, as security has been added to the doors. For details on the CatCard and PIN, see this article. You also may want to refresh your memory on “Two-Step Authentication”—which is now required for all WebAuth applications for UA faculty, staff and DCCs.

If you’ve met both of those requirements and have trouble with suite entry "after hours," please call Amer-X Security customer service—(520) 626-9345, option 5. Bear in mind, if you have not pre-registered with your unit’s lead admin for after hours access, you will not be able to get in and Amer-X will not be able to help you get in after hours.

Those affected by the move already have been given information and packing boxes—in coordination with their division or unit chiefs, business managers and lead administrative support members. Boxes should be labeled with the person’s name and building/room number where they’re being moved. As a general guide:

  • 6th Floor – Building 201 (DOM Medical Education Office, Finance, HR and some Nephrology)
  • 7th Floor – Building 201 (Division of Geriatrics, General Internal Medicine & Palliative Medicine, UA Center on Aging and DOM Business Managers)
  • Abrams – Building 341 (Healthy Together Care Partnership staff)
  • Alvernon – Building 441 (Ryan White Program staff, AIDS Education and Training Center staff)

Boxes should not be left open. More pop-and-fold boxes that don't require tape are available if needed. They will be picked up and moved along with computers, printers and other electronic equipment and delivered to the assigned space.

Any questions should be directed to the lead admin in your division or business unit for them to relay to Heather Hendrych, program coordinator, space and facilities management, UA Department of Medicine.


Claudia Duran and Sharon Bolin tour the new office space on the renovated Suite 6401  The new 6th floor conference room for DOM  A birdseye view of DOM's new 6th floor conference room

The entry to the newly renovated Suite 6401 and DOM Commons area  Shared refrigerator, microwave and grab-n-go cabinet for Suite 6401  DOM Commons area for physicians to do non-clinical work between campuses

Sharon Bolin next to her new cubicle as part of the Medical Education Office staff  New office cubicles on the 6th floor space previously occupied by 6OPC  Medical Education Office admin Sharon Bolin got an early start on her move

Shared space for Division of Nephrology physicians  Larger office space for physicians on Suite 6401  The new entry for the former 6OPC Adult Medicine Physician Offices

“Get a CatCard or Your CatCard Checked for 6OPC/7OPC Office Space Entry, March 19-22” | Posted March 15, 2018
“Two-Step Authentication Required for All UA Faculty, Staff, DCCs on WebAuth Applications by April” | Posted Feb. 28, 2018

Release Date: 
05/08/2018 - 4:30pm