South Campus GME Scholarly Day Spreads the Wealth on 2018 Awards

Internal medicine resident Dr. Marlena Szewczyk talks to judge Dr. Judith Gordon about her poster  Dr. Balaji Natarajan took two awards at the GME Scholarly Day at South Campus  Dr. Roberto Swazo discusses his poster with judge Chris Foreman-Goerke

From left, internal medicine residents: Dr. Marlena Szewczyk talks to judge Dr. Judith Gordon about her poster; Dr. Balaji Natarajan (in purple) makes a point; and Dr. Roberto Swazo chats with judge Chris Foreman-Goerke. Among UA Department of Medicine faculty attending were Drs. Kwan Lee (Cardiology), Eugene Trowers (Gastroenterology) and Bujji Ainapurpu (Inpatient Medicine).

Hosted by the Graduate Medical Education Office of the University of Arizona College of Medicine – South Campus, the first Jeanne Deinert GME Scholarly Day had enough awards to keep just about everybody happy.

The academic event held, May 15, in the La Galería conference room at Banner – University Medical Center South is in its eighth year. It was renamed this year in honor of the campus’ former GME administrator Jeanne Deinert, who passed away in December.

“Congratulations to the winners and all the participants, judges and attendees of our 2018 Jeanne Deinert GME Scholarly Day poster competition,” said UA Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education Victoria Murrain, DO.

Dr. Murrain also thanked Leigh Neumayer, MD, interim senior vice president, UA Health Services, executive dean, UA College of Medicine – Tucson, chair, UA Department of Surgery, and a professor of surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, for speaking during the event.

Drs. Balaji Natarajan, Mahesh Balakrishnan and Roberto SwazoFor internal medicine, Balaji Natarajan, MBBS, was the big winner as primary author placing second in the Resident Clinical Poster Presentations and first in the Resident Research Poster Presentations. Mahesh K. Balakrishnan, MBBS, another internal medicine resident, placed second as primary author on the Research Poster Presentations. And Roberto Swazo, MD, placed second on the Quality Poster Presentations.

A number of other internal medicine residents are listed as secondary authors, as well as a few fellows and faculty from UA Department of Medicine programs, among these and other winners listed below.Image of a photo gallery from the 2018 GME Scholarly Day at South Campus

You can view a photo gallery from the day’s events at this link (or by clicking on the image at left): 2018-05-15_gallery_jeanne-deinert-gme-scholarly-day-at-south-campus.pdf 

Another photo gallery for this event is posted at the UA College of Medicine's Workplace by Facebook appThe photos also was posted to the Workplace by Facebook app, which serves as an intranet for the UA College of Medicine – Tucson—to view the gallery, click this link.

Resident Oral Presentations

Internal Medicine: Emilio Power, MD, and Sarah Tariq, MD — “The Art and Science of Clinical Decision Making”
Family Medicine: Michele Alba, MD, and Jenny St. Aubyn, MD — “Prenatal Truths”
Emergency Medicine: Daewon Kim, MD — “Nerve Agents”

Poster Presentations

The poster winners and their presentations are as follows:

Resident Clinical

First Place — Paul Roettges, MD (Orthopedic Surgery, Resident); Jack Hannallah, MD (Radiology, Resident); Jordan Smith, MD; and John Ruth, MD (Orthopedic Surgery, Chair)
Poster: “Predictability of Pelvic Tilt during Total Hip Arthroplasty Using a Traction Table”

Second Place — Balaji Natarajan, MBBS (Internal Medicine, Resident); Ahmed Harhash, MBBCh (Cardiovascular Disease, Fellow); James Cassuto, MD, PhD; Ryan Avery, MD (Medical Imaging, Faculty)  and Phillip Kuo, MD, PhD (Medical Imaging, Faculty)
Poster: “Unmasking the ’Hidden Utility’ of Cardiac MR Imaging in the Diagnosis of Acute Pulmonary Embolism”

Resident Research

First Place — Balaji Natarajan, MBBS (Internal Medicine, Resident); Bonnak Mansouri, MD; Caitriona Ryan, MD; Katie Benjegerdes, MD; Jeffrey Schussler, MD; Daniel Radar, MD; Muredach Reilly, MBBCh; Alan Menter, MD; and Nehal Mehta, MD
Poster: “Systemic Inflammation in Psoriasis is Associated with Increased Cardiovascular Risk Comparable to Diabetes Mellitus”

Second Place — Mahesh K. Balakrishnan, MBBS (Internal Medicine, Resident), Ahmed Harhash, MBBCh (Radiology, Resident); Jennifer Huang-Tsang, DO (Cardiovascular Disease, Fellow); Sridhar Reddy, MD (Cardiovascular Disease, Fellow); Balaji Natarajan, MBBS (Internal Medicine, Resident); Ranjith Shetty, MD (Cardiology, Faculty); Mathew Hutchinson, MD (Cardiology, Faculty) and Karl Kern, MD (Cardiology, Faculty)
Poster: “AVR ST Segment Elevation: STEMI or NOT?”

Resident Quality

First Place — Justin Otis, MD (Psychiatry, Resident); Sidra Raoof, MBBS (Internal Medicine, Resident); Valerie Tousineau, Lisa Goldberg, MD (Emergency Medicine, Resident), and Senthil Anand, MBBS (Internal Medicine, Chief Resident)
Poster: “Combating Confusion: A Dual Armed Intervention to Improve Delirium Recognition in the ICU”

Second Place — Roberto Swazo, MD (Internal Medicine, Resident)
Poster: “A Pathway to Success Healthcare Career Fair for Local Students”

Medical Student

First Place — Ike Chinyere, Miensheng Chu, PhD (Cellular & Molecular Medicine, Researcher), Stefanie Novak (Cellular & Molecular Medicine, Researcher), Steven Goldman, MD (Cardiology, Faculty); Carol Gregorio, PhD (Cellular & Molecular Medicine, Chair) and Elizabeth Juneman, MD (Cardiology, Faculty) for their
Poster: “Cardiac Electrophysiologic Evaluation of Ischemic & Non-Ischemic Cardiomyopathy Models”

Norma Peal Award

Kaitlyn Losey, MD, Resident, Family & Community Medicine — 2018 Norma J. Peal, PhD, Excellence in Graduate Medical Education Resident Award

Judges for the poster competition were Francisco Moreno, MD; Judith Gordon, PhD; Conrad Clemens, MD, MPH; Bruce Coull, MD; Colleen Cagno, MD, and Chris Foreman-Goerke.

“Thank you to all of the residents, fellows, medical students, faculty, judges, and coordinators who made this event possible,” said Lauren Wright, South Campus GME program coordinator. “We look forward to working with you all again next year!”

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