Banner eConnect Offers Tips for a Safe, Healthy Summer

Banner Health and Health eConnect logosSeveral recent Health eConnect newsletters from Banner Health have corresponded to seasonal themes of summer, offering tips and tricks to avoid conflicts with Mother Nature. Whether it’s allergies, desert critters that bite or sting, sun safety or just drinking enough water, these little reminders aim to help keep you and your loved ones healthy…

Among them are the following tips:

Are You Drinking Enough Water? Woman drinks water from bottle to stay hydrated

Don't let dehydration put a damper on your exercise regimen. Learn how much water you should be drinking to stay hydrated and crush your workout.


Sunburned? Avoiding sunburns during summer activities like at the pool

Prolonged sun exposure can cause some serious pain. Learn how to get relief and help your skin heal from sunburn.


Things That Bite or Sting! Rattlesnake

Living in the desert has its perks, but dealing with snakes and scorpions is not one of them. Learn what to do if you encounter desert critters while hiking or in your home. 


Hot Cars, Kids and Pets Child in car in carseat

You’ve heard it in the news: a child is left in a hot car. It’s easy to question the parent, but it’s something that can happen to anyone. Learn how to keep children and pets safe from hot cars this summer.


Irregular Regularity? Flushing toilet

Talking about it can be embarrassing, but bowel movements can be an indicator to your health. Learn what to look out for and how to keep your poop healthy.


Spotting Skin Cancer Apply sunscreen and wear hats to help prevent skin cancer

When does a spot on your skin mean trouble? Summer is a time to give special attention to our body’s largest organ to protect it from the sun. Whether it’s an abnormal mole or strange spot, learn what to look for and when to see a doctor.


Suffering from Allergies? Woman with allergies

Most people think of allergies as just a spring thing, but symptoms can persist throughout the summer as grass, flowers, shrubs and trees continue to grow and bloom. Don’t let the season put a damper on your outdoor plans. Learn how to keep allergies at bay.


Release Date: 
07/18/2019 - 9:00am