Midsummer ‘Healthy Dose’ Blog Offers Q&A on Sun Safety

Image collage for story on Healthy Dose Blog post on summer skin safetyLisa Quale, a health educator at the University of Arizona Cancer Center and UA Skin Cancer Institute, discusses the best ways to enjoy the sun’s benefits while protecting yourself from cancer-causing UV radiation in a recent Healthy Dose Blog post at the UA Health Sciences website.

Posted July 10, 2019, this blogpost is presented in Q&A format and covers the highlights of why sunscreen and clothing that acts as an effective barrier to potentially damaging rays of the sun are so important.

You can read the blog here:
“Keep Your Skin Safe from Summer Sun”

For all Healthy Dose Blog posts, see this link.

Among some of the most recent topics are:

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08/06/2019 - 8:45am