Alyssa A. Guido, MPH

  • Program Director, Arizona AIDS Education and Training Center

Alyssa Guido has served as the program director for the Arizona AIDS Education and Training Center, a local partner of the Pacific AIDS Education and Training Center, since July 2010. Alyssa discovered her passion for HIV education and advocacy as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zambia from 2004-06. After her service in Zambia, she coordinated an overseas staff training program at Peace Corps Headquarters for two years and before returning to school to get her master’s in public health. She completed her MPH at the University of Arizona, College of Public Health in 2010. As Arizona AETC Program Director, Alyssa managed the implementation of a targeted HIV screening program in two emergency departments in Tucson, Arizona. Alyssa’s current AETC work is focused on PrEP and PEP program development and education about the 4th generation HIV testing algorithm.

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Shende, T. C., J. M. Fisher, C. M. Perez-Velez, A. A. Guido, K. M. Sprowl, T. M. Drake, M. L. Adelus, E. J. Bedrick, and L. E. Fantry, "PrEP Knowledge and Attitudes Among Adults Attending Public Health Clinics in Southern Arizona.", J Community Health, 2019 Oct 14. PMID: 31612368