Haiquan Li, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Medicine
  • Director, Translational Bioinformatics
  • Assistant Professor, Statistics-GIDP
  • PhD: Computer Science, National University of Singapore, 2002-06
  • M. Eng. & B. Eng: Computer Software, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, 1992-99
Honors and Awards
  • Best Paper Award (with Vincent Gardeux), Translational Bioinformatics Conference, Seoul, Korea, 2013
  • Overall Winner of Poster Competition (with Kelly Regan), American Medical Association Research Symposium, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2012
  • Best Paper Award (with Younghee Lee), Translational Bioinformatics Conference, Jeju Island, Korea, 2012
  • Distinguished Paper Award, American Medical Informatics Association Annual Symposium, Washington, DC, 2011
  • President's Graduate Fellowship, National University of Singapore, 2005-06
  • I2R Biannual Best Paper Award, Institute for Infocomm Research, Spring 2005
  • Dean's Graduate Award, School of Computing, National University of Singapore, 2004-05
  • Top Ten Students in Science & Technology, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China, 1996
  • Second Runner-Up in National College Challenge Cup, China, 1995

Select Publications


Li, Q., G. A Schissler, V. Gardeux, J. Berghout, I. Achour, C. Kenost, H. Li, H. Helen Zhang, and Y. A. Lussier, "kMEn: Analyzing noisy and bidirectional transcriptional pathway responses in single subjects.", J Biomed Inform, vol. 66, pp. 32-41, 2017 Feb. PMCID: PMC5316373  PMID: 28007582


A Schissler, G., Q. Li, J. L. Chen, C. Kenost, I. Achour, D. D Billheimer, H. Li, W. W. Piegorsch, and Y. A. Lussier, "Analysis of aggregated cell-cell statistical distances within pathways unveils therapeutic-resistance mechanisms in circulating tumor cells.", Bioinformatics, vol. 32, issue 12, pp. i80-i89, 2016 Jun 15. PMCID: PMC4908332  PMID: 27307648
Li, H., I. Achour, L. Bastarache, J. Berghout, V. Gardeux, J. Li, Y. Lee, L. Pesce, X. Yang, K. S. Ramos, et al., "Integrative genomics analyses unveil downstream biological effectors of disease-specific polymorphisms buried in intergenic regions.", NPJ Genom Med, vol. 1, 2016. PMCID: PMC4966659  PMID: 27482468


Li, H., N. Pouladi, I. Achour, V. Gardeux, J. Li, Q. Li, H. Helen Zhang, F. D. Martinez, J. G. N. 'Skip' Garcia, and Y. A. Lussier, "eQTL networks unveil enriched mRNA master integrators downstream of complex disease-associated SNPs.", J Biomed Inform, vol. 58, pp. 226-34, 2015 Dec. PMCID: PMC4684766  PMID: 26524128
A Schissler, G., V. Gardeux, Q. Li, I. Achour, H. Li, W. W. Piegorsch, and Y. A. Lussier, "Dynamic changes of RNA-sequencing expression for precision medicine: N-of-1-pathways Mahalanobis distance within pathways of single subjects predicts breast cancer survival.", Bioinformatics, vol. 31, issue 12, pp. i293-302, 2015 Jun 15. PMCID: PMC4765863  PMID: 26072495