Julie Ledford, PhD

  • Associate Professor, BIO5 Institute
  • Associate Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
  • Associate Professor, Clinical Translational Sciences
  • Associate Professor, Immunobiology
  • Associate Professor, Medicine
  • BS: The University of Georgia, Genetics, 2000
  • PhD: The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Genetics and Molecular Biology, 2006
Honors and Awards
  • Affiliate, American Thoracic Society
  • Affiliate, International Eosinophil Society
  • Duke University, Training-Cell Biology, 2007-2011

Select Publications


Johnson, M. D., U. S. Younis, S. V. Menghani, K. J. Addison, M. Whalen, A. L. Pilon, A. E. Cress, F. Polverino, C. Romanoski, M. Kraft, et al., "CC16 Binding to α4β1 Integrin (VLA-4) Protects Against Infection.", Am J Respir Crit Care Med, 2020 Dec 16. PMID: 33326355


Addison, K. J., J. Morse, A. Robichaud, M. O. Daines, and J. G. Ledford, "A Novel in vivo System to Test Bronchodilators.", J Infect Pulm Dis, vol. 3, issue 1, 2017 Mar. PMID: 28367537


Stein, M. M., C. L. Hrusch, J. Gozdz, C. Igartua, V. Pivniouk, S. E. Murray, J. G. Ledford, M. Marques do Santos, R. L. Anderson, N. Metwali, et al., "Innate Immunity and Asthma Risk in Amish and Hutterite Farm Children.", N Engl J Med, vol. 375, issue 5, pp. 411-21, 2016 Aug 04. PMCID: PMC5137793  PMID: 27518660
Ledford, J. G., K. J. Addison, D. Francisco, M. W. Foster, D. R. Voelker, L. G. Que, and M. Kraft, "Genetic Variation in Surfactant Protein-A2 Results in Altered Regulation of Eosinophil Activities and Enhanced Eosinophilia in Patients with Asthma.", Ann Am Thorac Soc, vol. 13 Suppl 1, pp. S101, 2016 Mar. PMCID: PMC5015737  PMID: 27027938