Ken Knox, MD

  • Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs - Development - Phoenix
  • Professor, Internal Medicine
  • Professor, Medicine
  • Professor, Immunobiology
  • The Murray and Clara Walker Memorial Endowed Chair in Emphysema
Research Interests: 

Pulmonary T cell response to infection, particularly HIV Endemic fungal diseases Sarcoidosis Bronchoalveolar lavage

Researcher Spotlight

  • Ohio State University, 1994
Honors and Awards
  • Affiliate, American Thoracic Society
  • Affiliate, Society of heart and Lung Transplant
  • Affiliate, Society of Critical Care Medicine
  • Voted in "Best Doctors in America" 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014
  • Internal Medicine: Ohio State University (1994-1997)
  • Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine: Indiana University School of Medicine (1997-2000)
Board Certifications
  • American Board of Internal Medicine
  • American Board of Internal Medicine Subspecialty of Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Sleep Medicine

Select Publications


Ampel, N. M., I. Robey, C. T. Nguyen, B. Roller, J. August, K. S. Knox, and D. Pappagianis, "Cytokine Release, Determined by a Multiplex Cytokine Assay, in Response to Coccidioidal Antigen Stimulation of Whole Blood among Subjects with Recently Diagnosed Primary Pulmonary Coccidioidomycosis.", mSphere, vol. 3, issue 3, 2018 May-Jun. PMCID: PMC5956148  PMID: 29769377


Iii, H. L. Twigg, K. S. Knox, J. Zhou, K. A. Crothers, D. E. Nelson, E. Toh, R. B. Day, H. Lin, X. Gao, Q. Dong, et al., "Effect of Advanced HIV Infection on the Respiratory Microbiome.", Am J Respir Crit Care Med, 2016 Feb 2. PMID: 26835554
Pulko, V., J. S. Davies, C. Martinez, M. C. Lanteri, M. P. Busch, M. S. Diamond, K. Knox, E. C. Bush, P. A. Sims, S. Sinari, et al., "Human memory T cells with a naive phenotype accumulate with aging and respond to persistent viruses.", Nat Immunol, vol. 17, issue 8, pp. 966-75, 2016 Aug. PMCID: PMC4955715  PMID: 27270402


Martinez, G., and K. Knox, "Mentor Match for physician-faculty: the search for 'Dr Right'.", Med Educ, vol. 49, issue 5, pp. 533-4, 2015 May. PMID: 25924153


Martinez, GF., JR. Lisse, M. Fain, TK. Vemulapalli, H. Szerlip, and KS. Knox, "Finding a Mentor: The Complete Examination of an Online Academic Matchmaking Tool for Physician-Faculty", Southwest J Pulm Crit Care, vol. 9, issue 6, 12/2014.