Marvin J. Slepian, MD

  • Associate Department Head, Clinical / Industrial Affairs
  • Clinical Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Professor, BIO5 Institute
  • Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Professor, Medical Imaging
  • Professor, Medicine

Instrumental in formation of SynCardia Systems, Inc., maker of the CardioWest Temporary Total Artificial Heart (TAH-t) Polymer Chemistry, Assisted Devices. In July 2009, Dr Slepian was appointed chairman of the Science Advisory Board for MicroMed Cardiovascular, manufacturer of the HeartAssist 5™ ventricular assist device. The CardioWest (trademarked) TAH-t completely replaces the blood-pumping function of the diseased heart. For patients with end-stage congestive heart failure at imminent risk of death, this device has proven to be a life-saver, allowing them to be "bridged" and supported until a human heart transplant can be performed. He is recognized for his research and development of novel therapeutics. These include the use of polymeric biomaterials as tissue supports, barriers or means of local drug delivery in tubular organs or organ components, biodegradable stents, drug-eluting stents and the TAH.

  • MD: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, 1981
Honors and Awards
  • Chairman, Science Advisory Board for MicroMed Cardiovascular, 2009
  • New York University Bellevue Hospital, Internal Medicine, 1985
  • Johns Hopkins University, Cardiology

Select Publications


Bime, C., T. Zhou, T. Wang, M. J. Slepian, J. G. N. Garcia, and L. Hecker, "Reactive oxygen species-associated molecular signature predicts survival in patients with sepsis.", Pulm Circ, vol. 6, issue 2, pp. 196-201, 2016 Jun. PMCID: PMC4869924  PMID: 27252846