Conferences and Education

Core Curriculum Lecture Series (Mondays)

This is a weekly conference given by faculty that provides a comprehensive, in-depth review of important aspects in renal physiology, pathophysiology, and transplantation that spans over 24 months. The conference series includes a 2-month orientation session followed by a 4-8-week block of related lectures that concludes with a fellow directed NephSAP.

Journal Club (Wednesdays)

This is a monthly series directed by our Epidemiologist, Dr. Lindsay Kohler, and given by the fellow that focuses on interpreting and critiquing the medical literature.

Clinical Case Conference (Wednesdays)

A monthly case-based conference given by the fellow under the mentorship of faculty that focuses on clinical reasoning incorporating critical elements for diagnosis and an evidence-based approach for management of renal-related diseases.

Pathology Conference (Wednesdays)

A monthly case-based conference given by the fellow and our nephropathologist, Dr. Erika Bracamonte, that focuses on in-depth review of renal pathology.

Morbidity and Mortality Conference (Wednesdays)

This is a quarterly conference which focuses on identifying systems based problems leading to potential adverse outcomes, discussing solutions, and implementing action plans to remediate identified problems.

Renal Research Lecture Series (Wednesday)

This is a monthly series that focuses on basic science, clinical research, and clinical-based discussions given by divisional, intra and extramural departmental faculty, and visiting guest lecturers.

Nephropathology multi-headed microscope rounds (Fridays)

This is a bimonthly conference led by our nephropathologist, Dr. Erika Bracamonte, and focuses on in-depth biopsy review of native kidney biopsies (2nd Friday) alternating with transplant kidney biopsies (4th Friday).

Monthly Board Question Review (Fridays)

Fellows meet with a faculty facilitator and participate in board review questions.The sessions focus on reinforcing knowledge, clinical reasoning, and test-taking strategies.

Fellow Housekeeping Meeting

Fellows meet with the Program Director monthly to review service related issues, deliver updates, and discuss any current issues that impact fellow training. Strategies to promote work-life balance are reinforced during these meetings.

Departmental Conferences

Weekly Internal Medicine Grand Rounds (Wednesdays)
Monthly Department of Medicine Research Lecture Series (second Thursday of month)

National Conference Attendance

First year fellows have the opportunity and receive support to attend the Spring NKF conference. Second year fellows receive support to attend the ASN conference. Fellows will have additional opportunities to attend national and regional conferences during their fellowship training including Southwest Nephrology Conference,  Home Dialysis University, and more.