Two University Campus IM Residents Win for Recent Medicine Grand Rounds Presentations

Drs. Kevin T. Breen and John M. Dicken with images of Banner - UMC Tucson, Banner - University Medicine North, and the UA Cancer Center North and Orange Grove campusesCheers to University of Arizona residents Kevin T. Breen, MD, PhD, and John M. Dicken, MD, who were named winners of the Medicine Grand Rounds presentations for those recognized at Research Academic Half Day (AHD) and American College of Physicians (ACP) Clinical Vignettes research competitions.

Both are second-year residents (PGY-2) in the UA Internal Medicine Residency Program – Tucson University Campus.

Research Academic Half Day

Drs. Phan Saligrama, Kevin Breen, Darien Reed, Nicole Smith and Hyun Soo “Kevin” JangDr. Breen won for his presentation, “Alterations in the Human Fascin-1 Network accompany the Transition from Lower-grade Astrocytoma to Glioblastoma,” at the Medicine Grand Rounds on May 15. He was among five presenters whose research posters won at the program’s Research AHD contest on April 18 in Kiewit Auditorium. Other presenters were: Phan Saligrama, MD, PhD (PGY3); Darien E. Reed, MD, PhD (PGY2); Nicole E. Smith, MD (PGY2), and Hyun Soo “Kevin” Jang, MD (PGY1). See archived video of their presentations here.

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ACP Clinical Vignettes

Drs. John Dicken, Sade Solola and Alexander PeckDr. Dicken won for his oral vignette in the ACP Clinical Vignettes competition presented at the Medicine Grand rounds on May 8. His theme: “Wide Complex Tachycardia. V-Tach, Right!” Other presenters were: Alexander R. Peck, DO (PGY-2), and Sade A. Solola, MD (PGY-2). See archived video of their presentations here.


A big thank you to Kris Kumar, DO, one of this year’s Banner – University Medical Center Tucson chief residents in internal medicine, for emceeing the two Medicine Grand Rounds presentations above.

Great Cases in Dermatology

Dermatology program residents who presented at Medicine Grand Rounds on May 1Additional presentations this spring include the following UA Advanced Dermatology Residency Program residents who presented at Medicine Grand Rounds on May 1: Jelena Vasic, MD (PGY-2); Becky Thiede, MD (PGY-2); Spencer Bertoch, MD (PGY-3); Tiffany Loh, MD (PGY-2), and Alex Glazer, MD (PGY-3). No winner is typically named at this presentation. See archived video of their presentations here.

Scholarly Day

Additionally, Sarah Tariq, MD (PGY-3), represented the UA Internal Medicine Residency Program – South Campus in the Oral Presentations at the Jeanne Deinert GME Scholarly Day competitions held at Banner – University Medical Center South on May 14.

Drs. Sarah Tariq, Gianna O'Hara and Wina YousmanDr. Tariq’s presentation, “Tale of the Tenacious Tentacles,” focused on palytoxin toxicity, which occurs after an exposure to a specific kind of coral that comes from the Palythoa genus. “These particular corals, depending on the species, have little tentacles. The exposure occurs when you boil the coral, it aerosolizes the toxin and inhalation leads to progressive onset of symptoms,” she said.

Banner - University Medical Center SouthPoster winners for the South Campus internal medicine residents were Gianna O’Hara, DO (PGY-2), and Wina Yousman, MD (PGY-3). Learn more about their presentations here.

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