Tools for Teaching

This section offers resources to support teaching and learning, including self-paced modules, videos of physical exam maneuvers, and reference materials for the University of Arizona Department of Medicine. We also provide links to “tried-and-true” instructional methods.

Departmental Resources

DoM Expectations for Teaching Faculty – High-yield source defining DoM faculty roles and responsibilities for teaching medical students, residents and fellows.

Expectations for Teaching on Wards- Outlines team roles and expectations for teaching during ward rounds

Medical Student Documentation in Cerner (Video):

Clerkship Forms


Resources for Clinical Teaching

Giving Feedback

Learner Performance Assessment

Creating Learning Materials

  • Presentation Basics- Short and sweet, guidelines for effective lecture presentation. (Be sure to notice the guidelines' very effective visual design elements and use of color)
  • Presentation Basics: The Video- This video guide aims to assist educators in developing a presentation for large screen projection, and highlights two basic guidelines: 1) Maximize design, and 2) Avoid cognitive overload
  • Template for an Educational Presentation- PowerPoint template for developing a well-organized lecture. The template's first 10 slides outline the elements of an effective presentation; the remaining slides are an example presentation created with the template.
  • Using Familiar Tools to Create Materials for Self-managed Learning- Step-by-step instructions for creating narrated presentations using PowerPoint and your cell phone

Learning Theory

Additional Resources

For additional access to valuable educational modules at other institutions, see our "Faculty Development" web section.