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Resident Wellness Initiative

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At our University of Arizona Internal Medicine Residency Program, we initiated a Resident Wellbeing Incentive Program in early 2017. Since then, the program has been maintained by current chief residents throughout  subsequent academic years. 

The goals of our Resident Wellbeing Incentive are focused on non-medical aspects of resident life in hopes of promoting wellness and work-life balance. This project aims to help residents have healthy residency experience by reminding and rewarding healthy habits such as seeing a physician for annual visits, encouraging camaraderie among residents, promoting team rapport, introducing healthy eating habits, and encouraging exercise and fitness. 

Currently, the Resident Wellbeing Incentive Program offers tasks on a monthly basis. Previous events have included residency yoga night, sound therapy, and potluck dinners hosted by current residents. Residents receive conference attendance credit as further incentive for completing resident wellbeing assignments. During one of the weekly Academic Half Days during the year, a resident wellbeing lecture is provided to help residents identify fatigue and know the signs of burnout. Residents are also introduced to the housestaff counselor and given contact information in case of personal issues with mental health. 

The overall mission of the Resident Wellbeing Incentive Program is to promote and maintain a nurturing environment throughout residency by furthering rapport, to provide a means for identifying and getting help with burnout by providing information and access to counseling services, and to remind residents to be mindful of the importance of their individual wellbeing. At our institution, we aim to graduate physicians that excel personally as well as professionally.

Well-Being Index Assessment Tool

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You also may contact Mari Ricker, MD, director of the college's GME Resident/Fellow Wellbeing Program, at the following email:

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